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* Available apps may vary by device, OS or region/country, and paid apps are available after purchase. * Gear branded device users can use the service of the Watch tab in Galaxy Store in the same way as before Samsung AppStack is the cloud software marketplace that helps you focus on business. Start with free trials then save up to 35% when you bundle apps with a smartphone or tablet, and spend less time on management. SHOP NOW EXPLORE APPSTAC A worry-free total care service for your devices. Enjoy peace of mind with Samsung Care+, a wide-ranging mobile care plan for your new Galaxy phone. You'll stay protected beyond the standard.. Galaxy Apps is an app store for Android that lets you download hundreds of apps and videogames without needing a Google account. That said, you will need to have a Samsung user account in order to use this app

Galaxy Apps is an app store for Android that lets you download hundreds of apps and videogames without needing a Google account. That said, you will need to have a Samsung user account in order to use.. Using a Wi-Fi connection, Apps allows you to browse, play, order, chat, and more - all while using your PC's larger screen and keyboard. You can add your Android apps as favorites on your PC, pin them to your Start menu and taskbar, and open them in separate windows to use side-by-side with apps on your PC - helping you stay productive Lost your phone? Don't panic. Find My Mobile will help you locate your phone or tablet and protect your data. You can even use it to unlock if you forget your pattern.

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The Samsung-developed app (via the Galaxy Store) is a one-stop-shop for customization tools, hosting numerous separate apps that you can choose to install based on your needs. Galaxy Store Link: Good Lock (free) You can make the Quick Settings menu transparent, customize Overview (your recent apps), change the lock screen, and more Can't sign in into my Samsung Account in the Galaxy Wearable App on my Galaxy S5 Posted by Sentry 19-04-2019 07:27 PM in Mobile Apps & Services I unfortunately reset my Samsung Galaxy S5 yesterday and now I can't sign in into my Samsung Account in the Galaxy Wearable App Dropbox is one of the better cloud storage services and an essential productivity app for galaxy phones. Dropbox gives the opportunity to save your data online and access them from all of your devices and web. It has a built-in File Manager, which lets you backup photos, editing documents, and share files with others through simple links Adding Gboard to your Galaxy is a nice little touch to make sure you're getting the full Android smartphone experience. Gboard does everything your Samsung keyboard would do but it also has emoji search, gif search, voice typing, Google translate, one-hand mode, search and share and special gestures for easy text editing Samsung Galaxy Watch apps are optimized primarily for Galaxy smartwatches to enrich your experience. Hence, most of those you download from the official app store will only take about 1-10 MB of your internal storage. That means you don't have to worry about running out of memory for future apps you'd want to install on your watch

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  1. If you're working on your beach body, then you might be interested in the three months of free Pro+ service that Galaxy owners get in the Workout Trainer for Samsung app. That gives you access to..
  2. Samsung Galaxy Store (marketed as Galaxy Store; formerly known as Samsung Apps and Galaxy Apps) is an app store used for devices manufactured by Samsung Electronics that was launched in September 2009. The service is primarily supplied pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Gear, and feature phones (such as the Samsung REX and Duos)
  3. For any Android phone or tablet running KitKat (4.4) or higher, installing this plug-in will enable easy mobile printing from your device. PHONE AND TABLET COMPATIBILITY Samsung Galaxy Phones/Tablets - The Samsung Print Service plug-in is pre-installed on S4, S5, S6, S7 and many other Samsung phones & tablets
  4. Microphone: Used for high-frequency audio when searching for Galaxy devices.. Location: Used to connect Galaxy devices using Bluetooth. If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, please update the software to configure App permissions. Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in device settings after software update
  5. Some phones like Samsung Galaxy s5 and others with Android 4.4 and higher have the Auto-Startup Manager, so you can change the autostart apps settings without additional software or Apps The Startup Manager is quite well hidden, open the settings on your Android phone or smart phone and scroll down to the point system and security

The best way to stay updated on the latest Galaxy, shop the curated deals, get personalized recommendations, and unlock exclusive offers on Shop Samsung App. Try Now, Pay Later Discover the right.. How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Phone for Beginners is an interactive video guide created by our GVG Development team, which consists of several Samsung Galaxy users of all ages and backgrounds that worked to develop a video guide that teaches the basics on how to use your Galaxy smartphone. You can follow along while watching and learn how to. Learn how to build new experiences for millions of mobile device users worldwide. (Requires a Samsung Account to join) Learn about the latest developer opportunities at Samsung with POW! A bi-weekly podcast from your friends at Samsung Developers. Test your Android apps on the latest Samsung Galaxy devices

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  1. Description. The Office app combines the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps you know and rely on with new capabilities that harness the unique strengths of a phone to create a simpler, yet more powerful Office experience on the go. Whether using it for personal or professional reasons, the Office app is designed to be your go-to app for getting.
  2. June 2021 Newsletter for Samsung Developers. Jun 23, 2021. See Updates. card img alt. tutorials | Game, Mobile. New Vulkan Extensions for Mobile: Legacy Support Extensions. This is the second of two blogs in the Vulkan Extensions for mobile series from Arm
  3. A demonstration of how to download apps on your Galaxy S10. Outlining the few simple steps required to download and install apps from the Google Play Store t..
  4. The Galaxy Wearable app manages the wearable devices and gear series to phone. This service allows you to use a variety of functions by connecting accessories. This application is a component for Galaxy Wearable Application. This app allows you to use features when connected to a Galaxy Buds device

Microphone: Used for high-frequency audio when searching for Galaxy devices. . Location: Used to connect Galaxy devices using Bluetooth. If your system software version is lower than Android 6.0, please update the software to configure App permissions. Previously allowed permissions can be reset on Apps menu in device settings after software. 1 Fortnite app available on the following Galaxy Devices: Galaxy Note9, Galaxy S9 and S9+, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8 and S8+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Tab S4, and the Galaxy Tab S3. 2 Available until 12/31/18 for Note9 and Tab S4 purchasers only; will be permanent for any owners who receive it prior to 12/31/18 Method 3. Activate auto run from Application manager. Some Samsung phone model also have this option built into the App info screen. Go to Settings >> Application manager, find the app from Downloaded, SD card or All tab, tap the app name to open its App info screen, you may find the Auto Run option right below the Show notifications option. Touch to activate auto run to allow the selected app. For any Android phone or tablet running KitKat (4.4) or higher, installing this plug-in will enable easy mobile printing from your device. PHONE AND TABLET COMPATIBILITY Samsung Galaxy Phones/Tablets - The Samsung Print Service plug-in is pre-installed on S4, S5, S6, S7 and many other Samsung phones & tablets Windows 10 PCs can now launch Android apps from most Samsung Galaxy phones. Update 1 (08/22/2020 @ 02:53 PM ET): Microsoft has announced that the Your Phone apps feature is now gradually rolling.

Sammobile speculates that the TV Plus mobile app may remain an exclusive for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, as the service is a Samsung-exclusive and works only on the company's TVs 5G: From Galaxy S21 to new apps, here's what you need to know. With all the marquee phones in the industry getting 5G, the next-generation wireless technology has hit mainstream

The Official Star Wars App. The Star Wars app is your official mobile connection to a galaxy far, far away. With a dynamic interface, the Star Wars app immerses you in breaking news, rich media, social updates, special events, and interactive features. Available On: Android™, iPhone®. Download Now. iTunes. Google Play. Here's where the fun. Your Galaxy uses information from your SIM card to communicate with nearby towers and facilitate a connection. Which LTE bands you are assigned depends on a number of factors, including available bandwidth and your device's supported signals. But if speeds aren't great on your auto-selected tower, you can improve things by manually choosing a band Micromedex ($3) Micromedex is a simple pharmaceutical reference app with features such as proper drug dosage and medicine recommendations. You can search the name of a specific drug to find out. We have a great selection of 5G phones from your favorite brands, including the new iPhone 12 in purple and Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. Learn how new and existing customers get $700 off the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G with trade in. Get the new iPad Pro (2021) from AT&T, Apple's first 5G tablet

Viewing your mobile apps on your PC. Another nice feature is the ability to view your mobile apps on your PC and control them with your mouse. Just click into the Apps tab to get started. A prompt may appear on your smartphone for approval. If it does, click Approve to allow your phone to cast to Windows How to Find & Use Galaxy App Store On Samsung Phone Hi Guys, Here is an other quick video in this short video I'm going to tell you How to Find/Install Galax.. The Your Phone app continues to evolve. We're happy to announce another exciting feature for the app, a seamless continuation of our vision and promise to help you be more productive and keeping you in your flow and now the feature is available to the Windows Insider community.Tap into the power of Your Phone app with Link to Windows to instantly access your phone's mobile apps directly. Link to Windows is natively integrated on Samsung's latest Galaxy devices, including the new Galaxy S21. It offers a smart new way to access your Galaxy phon..

Samsung Galaxy Store (marketed as Galaxy Store; formerly known as Samsung Apps and Galaxy Apps) is an app store used for devices manufactured by Samsung Electronics that was launched in September 2009.. The service is primarily supplied pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Gear, and feature phones (such as the Samsung REX and Duos).. The store is available in 125 countries, and. Method 1of 2:Closing Apps. 1. Press the Recent Apps button. It's the icon with two L-shaped lines at the bottom-right corner of the home screen. This displays a list of apps that are running on your Galaxy. This method will help you close apps that are currently running. These apps will restart once you open them In safe mode, all third-party apps are temporarily disabled so if mobile data actually works in this mode, it means there really is an app that prevents your phone from connecting to the Internet.

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Samsung is releasing an Android version of its TV Plus app for certain Galaxy phones on September 23 through both the Galaxy Store and Google Play. As on the big screen, the mobile app will offer. Downloading SDKs from Samsung Developers: Go to Mobile page. Select the SDK you want to download. Go to the Resources page for the SDK. Click the download button. Read the license agreement, select I agree to this SDK License Agreement and click Download. Unzip the downloaded SDK to a folder of your choice Here's how to disable apps through a Galaxy's settings: 1. Start the Settings app and tap Apps. 2. In the list of apps, find the app you want to disable. 3. Tap Disable. You can only disable.

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Learn how to troubleshoot problems with your mobile phone, tablet, or Internet device. Shop, order, upgrade, or just check out the prices of our phones, tablets, and accessories. Whatever your style, we've got a device for you. Apps & Accessories. Hide or show apps: Samsung Galaxy S 5; Manage apps: Samsung Galaxy S 5; Multitasking: Samsung. Comment burried. Unhide. . I would be happy with a fingerprint to the store, a wishlist, sale notifications, and an easy way to purchase games when the sale notifications come through to my phone. <br /> <br /> Philosophically I hate the idea of buying games on steam when they are available DRM free on GoG, but the steam app manages to get my attention when I am need to kill a few. Mobile plans have family apps, which give you control over your family's safety, too. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are just some of the household names that offer some of these features. Check out these plans and take a look at their promotional offers below

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Apps is available on Android devices in select markets running Android 9.0 or greater that have Link to Windows installed. If your Android device is running Android 11.0¹ or higher, you may be eligible for the multiple apps experience. Those devices have an asterisk* next to them. ¹ Android 11 availability depends on your mobile device. For example, mobile apps and videos that play on your PC will still play sound through your Android device. Why doesn't Phone screen work with my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip? If you close your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip while mirroring it using phone screen, it can create a blurred image that doesn't allow you to interact with your phone

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With a phone in their pocket your child can call or text, and vice versa. But if they have a smartphone, for an extra security measure, you can also use apps to find their phone's location. Some parental control apps come with a child locator as part of a suite of other features Check your phone number. Your phone number is listed at the top of the page next to Phone Number. If your number is showing as Unknown or is incorrect, you can use the Contacts app to fix it.If you are using an older phone model and your phone number is not displayed on this page, continue with the following steps to find your number 5G Ultra Wideband available only in parts of select cities. 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities. Eligible on Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB and iPhone 12 mini 64GB. Up to $699.99 (iPhone) or up to $799.99 (Android) device payment purchase w/ new or upgrade smartphone line on select Unlimited plans req'd. $300 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard. New ringtones Every week: Samsung™ Galaxy S10 Ringtones 2021 100% Free. our app contains a large collection of the Best ringtones 2021 for S9 and J7 and Loud New notifications sounds for whats™ap™ 2021 & SMS so you can enjoy top 2021 New ringtones for samsung™. If You have an android mobile phone and you want to change the boring tones.

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From. Full price was $1,399.99. $1,399.99. Now $649.99. $649.99. Open two screens and open new possibilities. Surface innovation comes to a mobile device, featuring the best of Microsoft 365, every Android app in the Google Play store, phone calls, and more.¹ Requires SIM card² for activation The Samsung Galaxy A5 has a WiFi option and you can use this at home when you have turned it on. You can also scan the area to see which WiFi connections are available networks. You can also use this for using internet on your mobile phone when there is a wireless hotspot. 1 Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review: Samsung's premier phone is pretty badass. With an elegant design, lower price and S-Pen support, the second time's the charm for Samsung Device Unlock is an Android app that allows you to request and apply a mobile device unlock directly from the device.; Note: Starting August 14, the Device Unlock app will have an update available in the Play Store.This update provides a new security certificate which is required for the app to work. This update occurs automatically on Wi-Fi but must be manually started when connected to the. Finally, we ran the Galaxy S21 Plus through a video transcoding test, where the phone must transcode a 4K video to 1080p in the Adobe Premiere Rush app. The S21 Plus managed a time of one minute.

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T-Mobile customer service number is 1 505-998-3793. 2) Using a 3rd party service to unlock it using the T-Mobile APP. This method is the same as the previous method. You will use the official T-Mobile device unlock APP to unlock the phone but you won't call or pay T-Mobile issue to unlocked my galaxy s9 plus. the unlocked app on my phone say as soon I press it I got message right away that MY PHONE IS PERMANENTLY UNLOCKED but the phone is still LOCKED on my account and when I insert another non Tmobile SIM card in the phone is locked .now last Sunday I spend 4 hrs with T-Mobile support and they are telling me. SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone 128GB US Version Smartphone Pro-Grade Camera 8K Video 108MP High Res, Phantom Silver 4.7 out of 5 stars 559 $999.99 $ 999 . 99 $1,199.99 $1,199.9 Mobile phone companies in the U.S. have been fleecing the public with smart phone plans for years. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G, along with T-Mobile's $49.99 all you can eat plans (available in both contract and prepaid flavors depending on your preference), represents a milestone that should change the industry, if only more people knew about it

The Galaxy S10 5G has an almost frameless 6.7 Infinity-O display. Its minimal design, with no home button, an edge-to-edge display and bright realistic colours offer an uninterrupted viewing experience. With six cameras, two on the front and four on the back, you can create professional looking photos and videos. Experience a new world of [ 2: Download and extract the Galaxy S7 SM-G930FD U8 Firmware files on your computer. 3: Now, Switch off your Smartphone. 4: After switching off the phone, you need to boot into Download Mode. To boot into download mode. Press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power button at the same time for 5-8 seconds until download mode is active Apart from this, Samsung Galaxy W22 5G is likely to power Octa-core (2x1.6 GHz & 6x1.35 GHz) so that you can enjoy a seamless performance while accessing multiple apps. Also, the mobile will be available in different storage options after its launch The Exynos W920 from Samsung is a dual-core SoC with two Arm Cortex-A55 cores paired with an Arm Mali-G68 GPU. It also has a dedicated low-power display processor, the Cortex-M55, to enable Always-on Display (AoD) with a lower power consumption compared to the previous generation Exynos SoC. The Exynos W920 is said to improve the performance by.

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  1. Get free cell phone service to go with it! This week we are together chat mobile One free Galaxy A42 5G phone plus 2 months free Ting Mobile Unlimited Service. Here's everything you need to know. Launched in November 2020, the Galaxy A42 5G is a mid-range device that offers decent performance and 5G data connectivity at an affordable price
  2. A tipster, Jimmy Is Promo, has just revealed some additional Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 tidbits. He went to Twitter to talk about the phone's under-display camera, fingerprint scanner, and weight
  3. Get set up to use Samsung Mobile SDKs in your apps. Create your own applications with a variety of Samsung Galaxy SDKs, services, and tools. Connect accessory devices to Samsung Smart devices. Check out the newly released Emulator Skins for Galaxy 21 series and other latest devices. Download Now
  4. To get started, Install the Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows app on your Android phone and link it with the Your Phone app on your Windows 10 PC. Link your Android phone and PC to view and reply to text messages, make and receive calls*, and more - all right on your PC. Stay on top of your life as you receive and manage real-time mobile.
  5. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is not listed on that support page, but Microsoft's Analy Otero Diaz clarified that the Samsung Galaxy S21 does support running multiple apps through the Your Phone app
  6. While it's only compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices, the new Your Phone experience lets you run Android apps on your PC. Hopefully, this feature will roll out to other manufacturer's devices in the future. Still, if you do own a Samsung device, you may be interested to know that you can now find your lost phone even if it's offline. Share
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  1. But there was already a way to do this, if you had a Samsung Galaxy phone. Certain Android phone users can currently access Android mobile apps directly from their Windows 10 PC,.
  2. Organize apps on your Samsung Galaxy device. When you're done removing junk from your Android storage, it's time to do some organizing. Here are some tips to help you regain that new.
  3. Their apps help fill the gap found on many phones, which have fantastic cameras but mediocre or limited built-in editing software. Both Lightroom and Photoshop have mobile apps that are optimized for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including the Galaxy Note 20
  4. Joe Hindy is known as the 'app guy' around these parts. He's been at Android Authority since September of 2012. Previously, Joe was a part of the US Army and attended college for video game design.
  5. The Galaxy S21 is a superb all-round flagship Android phone, but if you want the absolute best of the best, consider stepping up to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This Samsung phone has a bigger.
  6. A few months ago, we introduced Your Phone - Apps feature allowing you to launch and pin apps on your PC. The ability to launch multiple apps simultaneously is now gradually rolling out to selected Samsung devices (details below) and only to the Windows Insider Community on a PC that is configured to be in the Dev, Beta, or Release Preview Channels

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The latest Galaxy smartphones make it easy to scan and share documents. Here's how to do single-page scans: 1. Open the camera app and position the document in the center of your view. The camera app will automatically detect the document. 2. Tap the scan button. 3. Then tap the thumbnail image to review your scan Samsung Galaxy S5 Change device. Change device. Buy now Search in Samsung Galaxy S5. Search for your device here. Popular topics. Uninstalling apps on my mobile phone. Want to uninstall apps to free up space in the memory? Follow these easy instructions. Tap Apps

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  1. Instead, all you need is an integrated app called Smart Select, available on Galaxy phones released in 2017 or later. First, open a video in the YouTube app, and then access Smart Select
  2. Wide range of devices & tablets. Test your websites and mobile apps on real Galaxy devices & tablets for most accurate testing results. Choose from our exhaustive range including Samsung Galaxy S21, S20 (S20+, Ultra), S10 Series, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Tab S7, Tab S5, etc. on every screen size and resolution
  3. Whether you're getting in shape or trying to stay in shape, the Samsung Health can help. And if you don't want to work out with your phone, use Samsung Healt..
  4. The Microsoft Your Phone app will now let you control Android applications from your Windows 10 desktop, so long as you have a compatbile Samsung Galaxy. Android phone's mobile apps directly.
  5. Or at all. However, the Galaxy S21 series is 5G capable so when the wide rollouts of true 5G start happening, all three phones are ready to deliver the best on the go experiences for online mobile.
  6. These days, backyard stargazers use smartphone and tablet apps instead of telescopes to discover a wealth of information on the location and identity of planets, stars, and galaxies.Mobile apps.
  7. Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to enable or disable automatic app updates on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 8.1 devices or Windows 8.1 PCs

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Best scanner apps for Android and iPhone. Below is the list of the best five scanner apps that you can install on Android or iPhone.. Adobe Scan. Adobe Scan is one of the most popular scanner apps. Find support for your Verizon Wireless service, plan, devices and features, including FAQs, step-by-step instructions, videos and device simulators Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Change device. Change device. Buy now Search in Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Search for your device here. Popular topics Uninstalling apps on my mobile phone. Want to uninstall apps to free up space in the memory? Follow these easy instructions. Tap the menu icon. Tap Play Store. Slide your finger right on the display Galaxy Themes is a premium decorative content service available on Samsung Galaxy device all around the world. The Galaxy Themes Studio tool helps designers to create compelling UI experience and content easily. Become a Themes Designer. To become a themes designer, you must submit an application with at least three mock-up theme designs

Services & Apps. Services, apps and account features help you monitor your account usage, manage daily tasks, stay in touch with your family and friends, and more. There's a variety of free and paid options available to meet your specific needs and interests How to transfer photos from Galaxy app using Your Phone app. 1. Open Phone screen on Your Phone app and open Gallery. 2. Now, head to Albums and select one and drag them to PC. 5G Mobile Phones Dual Sim Mobile Phone Compare Mobile Phone Top Gadgets 2021 Upcoming Mobiles Recharge Plans Samsung Galaxy A02s Android smartphone. Announced Nov 2020. Features 6.5″ display, Snapdragon 450 chipset, 5000 mAh battery, 64 GB storage, 4 GB RAM

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08-05-2020 12:46 PM in. Moving an app to an SD card is dependant on the app. Not all apps can be moved. To move an app to the SD card got to Settings>Apps>Locate the app you want to move<Select Storage<There should be an option there to change the storage (If available) Be sure to click Accept as Solution when you find an answer that works. Dear Seller, this is the Seller Portal Team. Thank you for your continued support of the Galaxy Store Seller Portal. Effective on June, 18, 2021, the minimum price for any item in the Galaxy Store and Themes in Canada will be changed to $0.99. Please note that any items set below this price will automatically default to $0.99 Mobile Apps & Services is I used to have ACR call recording app it was working on my Samsung galaxy S7 edge now I have upgraded to Samsung galaxy A50 the app doesn't work anymore it only records my voice not the other person I tried to give permission of try to give all the commands to the microphone all the commands and permission has been. Mobile Apps & Services. My son's Samsung Galaxy J3 has a problem with the phone app, the actual classic phone voice call app (app icon: green background with white handset). Phone can receive voice calls without problems but If I try to stat up phone app, to for example make a call from recents, the app crashes within a second or two Download a recorder app from the Google Play Store. If you can't find a voice recorder app installed on your device already, you can quickly install one from the Google Play Store. Many recorder apps are free. Open the Google Play Store and search for voice recorder. Browse through the list of results to find an app that meets your needs

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The Best Phones for 2021. We test and rate hundreds of mobile phones each year. Whether you're looking for Android, iOS or a simple feature phone, these are our top picks for a variety of budgets. Features: - Connect to and disconnect from a mobile device. - Application download and settings. - Find my Watch. Install the Galaxy Watch application on your mobile device, then pair your Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2 or Galaxy Watch3 with a Bluetooth connection and enjoy all of its.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G Factory Unlocked Android Cell Phone, US Version, 128GB of Storage, Mobile Gaming Smartphone, Long-Lasting Battery, Mystic Bronze, SM-N981UZNAXAA 4.6 out of 5 stars 4,668 8 offers from $614.9 Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Android smartphone. Announced Jan 2021. Features 6.5″ display, MediaTek MT6853 Dimensity 720 5G chipset, 5000 mAh battery, 128 GB storage, 8 GB RAM, Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G | Note20 Ultra 5G (Unlocked) From $999.99. Get stuff done faster and easier with the new Samsung Galaxy Note20. All-day battery life¹, Super Fast Charging, app use management, and built-in Microsoft 365 apps give you the power to do more. 5G connectivity means you can do it even faster Samsung Galaxy phones are among the most popular smartphones in the world because of their smooth, sleek designs and innovative features. Plus, Galaxy phones utilize the powerful, versatile Android operating system, known for its functionality, and also for its open platform which gives you control, along with the freedom to customize your phone The regular Samsung Galaxy S20 may not grab the same headlines as its Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Plus relatives, but it's still equipped with much of the same advanced mobile technology.